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Limited Time Offer!

Nathor a posted Jan 24, 14

For a Limited Time Only

You can gain access to our Feed the Beast Unleashed Donor Server!

All we can say is, you've been a fantastic community thus far, it's been a real pleasure running the server, and we are thoroughly impressed by how well things have been coming along lately.  We've managed to raise not only a strong staff, but a dedicated community of members such as yourselves, basically, we couldn't have done it without you!

However, although joy, fun, friendship and magic are free, we still need money in order to pay the bills each month.  If it weren't for that, we'd be hosting free forever.  In order to help cover the costs, we'll give you access to our small experimental "Feed the Beast" server, which contains over 40 fantastic mods, as well as multiple new dimensions to explore, such as the Twilight Forest, and The Promised Land, as pictured above.

Since we are in a bit of a crunch to pay the bills, if you are able to donate at least 11.50 by the eighth of February, we'll give you not only the Dragonair Donor Plan (Granting you your own in game TARDIS, and more) But you'll also have access to our Feed the Beast server.  Not only that, if you donate quickly, we'll be sure to DOUBLE your length of the donation until the end of march!
MccloudHedgehog right that folks we'll be hoping this brings in revenue as I'm trying to fidn time on the weekends to sneak over to the ...

As research has shown, directly dumping newcomers into a strange land isn't always the best course of action. In the past, new recruits have arrived in directly in the war torn world, left to starve, nothing in their rucksacks, left in a world with not even a single donkey to spare... For years our recruits were given two options... Fight forth or die. Many fled for their lives, but most retreated to more tranquil realms....




Third life has responded to those cries.

With our newest breakthrough in virtual reality, it is now possible to harness the player's molecular data, and project it into a "Gray Space" or download the player directly into a computer database and essentially "Email" them into a half-virtual environment. You may at this point be wondering if this is safe... or if this is even legal! However, your answer lies deep within the age old Third-Life Corporation motto: "Unchained Innovation knows no bounds - Push beyond the universe." That being said - Third Life Labs operate within the city of Gradius, however, the "Gray Space" or half-reality lies right at the border of the universe and the unkown. Once you travel that far out of the known universe, everything you see is only half reality and half fantasy. Using this to Third Life's advantage, we have managed to use a series of algorithms and molecular data to create a Hub World. The Hub world is constantly materializing, but is currently being developed for military purposes. From now on, new recruits are set to spawn into the virtual hub world, a place where you are basically in an invincible situation but cannot interact with the environment, free to relax and browse the various dimensions in which the Gradius Project has claimed a foothold.

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