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Goodbye WarSoul

tl;dr - WarSoul is shutting down for good on May 15th. Hello everyone.  Today, I'm unfortunately going to have to announce that WarSoul will indeed be shutting down.  This is due to a number of reasons, some bad, some inevtiable, but, the negotiation period has ended, and we've made an executive decision based on a few factors. Lack of players As most of you have probably figured, we're not getting nearly the amount of players we used to for MineCraft, and MineCraft was always our mane gig in this community, essentially the glue that held everyone together.  In the past we've enjoyed days where we'd frequently get over 25 players on every weekend, and, during certain Holiday events, had up to 40 online.  There are a number of factors as to why we aren't growing, but the main reasons are that there simply isn't as much interest in a vanilla server like hours, we don't advertise on popular sites, we were whitelist, and I stopped updating my texture packs. Financially Tight The days where WarSoul was reeling in an excess of donations are long gone, and now each bill is a struggle, and donors are far and few.  As for the people who have been going above and beyond to keep us up, I personally thank you profusely, as we couldn't have lasted this long without you. Drama Unfortunately, WarSoul has always been a dramatic place since the very inception of the community, however, we've all matured, and grown wiser, and now we simply aren't willing to put forth the time to babysit and problem solve over a video game. Boredom Let's face it, most of the staff, even the player base has openly admitted that not only has MineCraft lost some of it's luster, it's getting downright stale.  Many of us don't even play MineCraft as our main games anymore, and, when we did log in, it was really just to talk or complain.  Some of us truly did enjoy the server for what it had to offer, and were going around starting survival towns up until the last minute, and to those people, I sincerely apologize for the decision to cancel. The overall decision to close WarSoul has been bouncing around for a while now, and, as some of you readers are probably already thinking, this is just another excuse to re-open under a new name.   Although that has happened a few times in the past, this is unfortunately not one of those times.  There's no reincarnation community, and WarSoul isn't going to be popping back up in the future, I know it may be devastating to some, but to many I hope this decision makes sense.  After all of the stress and heartache from running the server in recent years, I think it's good to just cut the community off here, and cherish the good memories we've had. The Good News The good news is that we have until May 15th to wrap things up on the server.  During this time, I'm taking requests to copy and save .schematic files to send to players containing their builds.  I will be doing this as a free service to everyone who has been playing here and supporting us, unfortunately, this is a limited time offer, only good until that point in time, in which the plug will be pulled from WarSoul so to speak.  In case you don't know what a .schematic is, it's basically a file that contains blocks that can be brought over to single player worlds using the "MCEDIT" software, which is freely available online. Some Parting Words Overall, it has been a pleasure to run WarSoul, for the most part, you have been a wonderful community, and to many, this community was more than just MineCraft, it was a family of caring individuals who were there for emotional guidance and support as well as friendship.  I wish you all the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors, furthermore, if you ever wish to start a community of your own, I'll be glad to help you out with pointers, tips, advice, and wisdom.  That is all.
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