An Armageddon Calls Players to Battle!


With a new season on WarSoul comes a fresh change in the scope of PvP.  That’s right! We’re bringing along an all-new trio of Worlds to join the mix for PvP, starting in Chernobyl.  Battle against a fierce nuclear winter after a meltdown at ground zero – the former Chernobyl nuclear reactors once powered a great city, then tunnel through the snow, and try to salvage what is left of this once thriving metropolis to live!  Perhaps head into a nether portal, and explore a thoroughly creepy and fiery inferno of what’s left of a nuclear apocalypse...

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June Building Contest: Military Vehicles


That’s right! It’s time for the next contest! I know we haven’t had one in a while,  but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things!  If you’d like to enter the contest, there are some things that you should probably be aware of first!

  • There may be some older entries from the March Contest sitting about, please try to ignore those and carry on.
  • The plots are pretty small, but that’s okay, because you can build compact vehicles, or perhaps mechs.
  • Admins will not extend your plots or allow you to build elsewhere, or import anything, your entry MUST be in the proper place!

All entries are to be built in their designated plots at /warp contest and through the “Building” portal. 

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Changes to the WarSoul Community!


Let’s face it, the community has become more of a cozy place with familiar faces, no longer are we the massive empire we once were, that would branch out and spend countless hours recruiting.  Instead, we’re now an empire of friends, we’re all here to build with one another, explore, and role-play.  Of course, we aren’t completely closed to new players, we still have an application process in place on our forums, in which players can register and sign up and join in on the fun.  However, we do plan on justifying the smaller community size with some lovable and interesting perks.

Benefits of a Large Community (This is not us.):

  • Lots of players and mini-games.  Yeah, they’re fun and all, and a nice way to be super competitive.
  • Opportunity to bump into famous YouTubers.
  • Humongous amounts...
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